Altopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni

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A gentle and friendly mountain

We are where the mountains form the backdrop to a huge green carpet. We are where anything becomes accessible. We are in the heart, in the head, in the smile and in the legs of those who have known us. We are the Altopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni, a happy and unspoilt island, gentle by topology and friendly by vocation. A special destination, partly mountainous, partly hilly, partly flat and all these things at once. A magic place in which living different experiences in one trip, ready to make people, who are looking for an authentic experience of wellness in touch with nature, fall in love.


Intense emotions and absolute relaxation

We are Altopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni. A unique context in which you can experience the pleasure of a really satisfying holiday, a wonder after another. We are the high quality of the experiences to live in these places and the magic of an atmosphere that can let you savour them slowly, enjoying all the endless nuances. This is the deep and unexpected emotion that makes the Altopiano di Asiago 7 Comuni a SLOW WOW experience. A surprising place that is worth exploring without haste, letting it reveals itself in all its magnificence. A huge green cradle in which you can return to life, finding the full harmony with your nature and everything surrounding us.

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